Welcome to my web site, whose purpose is to give an overview of the work of the modern Technical Author, and to show how I can help organisations with Technical Communications projects.

My specialist areas of technical writing are IT, electronics, aerospace and the life sciences. In my varied career to date, I've written in styles ranging from scientific to advertising copywriting.

Some companies are very used to employing Technical Authors on a contract basis (and may have a dedicated Technical Communications department). Other companies rarely, if ever, use the services of a Technical Author but come to identify a need for professional help with technical communications. A company I worked with recently, for example, was endeavouring to introduce an enterprise-wide IT system across 20 nations, and this required a library of internal technical communications including specifications, training material and on-line help.

The world at large is witnessing a phenomenal growth in communications of all kind, and sweeping transformations of technology as we move to cloud computing, virtualisation software and mobile devices. Whilst this presents exciting opportunities for those of us in the Technical Communications industry, it also presents many challenges. We want to exploit new communications technologies whilst complying to best practice and ensuring technical information is accurate, and disseminated in a controlled manner.

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