I started my technical career as an Avionics Engineer in the RAF, following which I began my writing career with British Aerospace. I spent around a decade on various technical writing projects (in freelance and 'permanent' roles) and then re-trained to become an IT Developer, qualifying as a Principal Certified IBM Professional.

In 2008 I returned to technical writing, excited about the changes happening in the technical-communications industry.

Here is a list (in chronological order) of some of the companies for whom I have written :

British Aerospace (aircraft servicing manuals)
Terminal Display Systems (software programmers' manuals and copywriting)
Liquid Plastics (copywriting and press relations)
Westland Helicopters (aircraft servicing manuals)
Fokker (aircraft-servicing manuals - in a topic-based content-management system)
British Aerospace - Bids Department (bids in response to ITTs from the governments of UK and Australia)
The Cooperative (development of a web-content management system)
Iceland Frozen Foods (web-content management system)
Sibelco UK (intranet development)
Sibelco Europe (ERP specifications, training material and e-Learning)
Silicon Valley Bank (fine-art illustration with written narrative)
Waters (scientific technical author)

Technical-Publications Standards:

I have worked with several technical-publications standards, content-management systems, and mark-up languages over the years (particularly in aerospace), these include S1000D, AvP70, American Mil Spec, AECMA, ATA 100, AMTOSS, JSP, Simplified Technical English, SGML, HTML, DHTML and XML. Plus, I have experience of several programming languages from my time as an IT Developer.

I have used many authoring tools and am familiar with the latest authoring and illustration tools from Microsoft and Adobe. I'm also experienced with e-Learning development-and-management systems.

Spoken Languages:

I've worked on technical-communications projects in the UK and on the Continent, in English, Simplified Technical English and French.

I'm fluent in French and have a useful knowledge of Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Finnish.

Formal Qualifications:

TEC Avionics
HNC Electronics
Principal IBM Developer (PCLP)

Professional Awards:

Runner-up at Yell.com Web Awards in 2000
in "Best Community Web Site" section, presented by
Jonathan Ross at ITV London Studios